Change Your RSS Feeds

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3 most important SEO tips

1: Inbound links with good anchor text
2: Search engine friendly URL’s
3: Internal Linking structure

How do you decipher all of the social networks?

San Diego SEO Blog has a great article on making sense of social networks.

It covers, MySpace, BlackPlanet, Bebo, Friendster, Orkut, Windows Live Spaces, Yahoo 360, Xanga, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Read the full overview

Manage all of your social networking sites in one place

Check out Ligit

Increase inbound links to your blog

By using Flickr as your image host, you can post images directly to your blog from Flickr. This will increase your inbound links to your blog and the images will be hosted on Flickr instead of your blog. So, you won’t have to worry about large images on your blog host.

WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist

Highlights include

  1. Feeds – Check your feeds!
  2. Contact Form – Contact pages are one of the oft-broken elements on the standard blog.
  3. About Section –  Make sure that your About info is updated and filled out, or it can leave your blog looking unprofessional.
  4. Individual Pages – Make sure you check the bottoms of the pages. They can sometimes appear to be working properly while there is an error at the foot of the page.
  5. Adsense Ads – GoogleBot can sometimes get confused and begin showing irrelevant ads on your blog. This can severely hamper your click rate.
  6. Blogroll/Links – Blogs die off left and right, and you don’t want those dead links sitting in your sidebar wasting space and peoples’ time.
  7. Affiliate Links –  If you pick up a new affiliate, do a quick search on your blog for that text and be sure to add your custom link so you get credit in the future.

For the full story go to Daily Blog Tips

What do to with 10hrs on your blog

If it was in the first week of a blog’s life I’d work on the SEO of the blog (things like getting title tags right, looking at how it interlinks internally etc). In fact I’d work on this stuff before the blog was launched – but it probably wouldn’t take 10 hours. Once this stuff is set up it’s not something I generally spend a lot of time on – my focus switches to content creation.

In the coming weeks (and months) I’d work hard on developing key content that is useful, unique and attractive to other sites. I’d also promote some of that key content to other key blogs in the niche I was attempting to break into (keep in mind that in doing this you’re also really working on your SEO as incoming links play a big part in helping your Search Engine ranking). 10 hours a week doing this can really have a powerful impact!

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